The Dream Swing will guide you through the impact area perfectly. It gives instant feedback of any incorrect motion and can help correct "every" bad swing flaw.You can hit golf balls on this golf swing trainer. Practice swinging in your back yard or indoors with the wall mount that is included with the system. Then take the Dream Swing to the golf range and hit balls with your club connected to it. You will see by the flight of your ball if you're swinging it correctly or not. If you have improper grip pressure or bad tempo, you can't hit the ball right in the Dream Swing. It promotes precision consistency resulting in perfect golf shots.

Any golfer will tell you that the moment of truth is at impact. All great ball strickers are through the impact area the same. At 9 O'clock in the down swing their club is down the toe line, they are square at impact, and down the toe line again at 3 O'clock in the follow through. The Dream Swing guarantees you will learn these 3 most important positions for a productive golf swing. Send us your questions and/or comments.


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