A Letter from the Inventor

Fellow Golfer,

As the inventor of the Dream Swing Golf Swing Trainer. I am proud to report that every golfer who has learned The Dream Swing is playing better golf. They have learned a simple truth - "The secret to better golf is learning a better swing." The Dream Swing Golf Swing Trainer teaches the swing the Pros swing. It bypasses the conscious learning process and ingrains the feeling of the correct golf swing into your motor memory without having to think about it. It allows you to feel the best swing in golf.

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Every serious golfer wants to play better golf. As you know, changing your golf swing habits is extremely difficult. Once you have established a handicap, you are, as one golf editor describes, "stuck with your swing." He suggested it would be impossible to dramatically improve your golf swing unless you had the four "T's" - TIME, TALENT, TEMPERAMENT, and TUTORING. Time - meaning several hours every day to practice. Talent - it took Nick Faldo 2 years to complete his desired swing change and he was a tour quality player when he began. Temperament and Tutoring - do you want to work that hard and can you afford the lessons? The editor continued, "Be realistic, you're stuck with your swing."

He didn't know about the Dream Swing. If Nick Faldo would have had the Dream Swing, he could have completed in two weeks what it took him 2 years to do. Let me give you an example of why I can say this. Bruce Crampton, once ranked the #1 golfer in the world, winner of 34 regular PGA Tour events, and 16 Senior PGA Tour events experienced his game deteriorate over a period of several years to the point that during the 1995 season playing 34 events, he won $77,000 = $2260 per event. I sent him a Dream Swing which he received and began working with the last week in December of '95. Two weeks later, his golf instructor from Texas spent the weekend with Bruce in LaQuinta, California. Bruce reported to me that his teacher had said, "I've never seen your swing look this good." During the '96 season, playing in 34 events, Bruce Crampton's winnings improved to $382,000 = $11,235 per event. Then on May 18, 1997 at age 61, Bruce Crampton became only the 6th player over sixty to ever win a tournament and established the tours longest stretch between wins - 5 years, 2 months and 10 days by winning the Cadillac NFL Golf Classic and pocketing a check for $142,500. He told me in person, approximately one month after receiving the Dream Swing that, "it has allowed me to feel everything Hank Haney has told me since 1989. I'm going to win again, it's now a matter of getting my putting on track." Since March 1997, Arnold Palmer has also been using the Dream Swing. Recently I was showing the Dream Swing to a golf magazine editor and commented that Arnold Palmer was using it. He said, "Right now, Arnold Palmer is swinging the most technically correct golf swing he has swung in his life." I guarantee that YOU will experience a dramatic improvement.

Here's to better golf,

Clint Harper

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No wonder swing trainers have such a bad reputation.
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  The Dream Swing - Feel the difference!

The Dream Swing provides unsupervised perfect practice. As an added bonus, you can put your putter in the Dream Swing and it will guide your putter on a straight line back and forth helping you feel a perfect putting stroke. You will experience improvement in your score immediately. Send us your questions and/or comments.

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